Student UNIX Account Information

Every registered student has an account on the Unix server, Admiral, with 500MB disk space. Accounts are typically used for certain coursework, such as C/C++/Java programming, or creation/storage of a personal website. Additionally, you may store personal files in your home directory via FTP or Network File Storage.

Username :Will be your SSOID

Password :Will be your SSOID password if you have changed your password

If you are a new student you will need to log into a Windows campus computer and access your Network File Storage drive to activate your unix account. If you still can't access your unix account you will need to reset your SSOID password.

Connecting to Admiral

To connect from a classroom or computer lab, you may use the connection method recommended by your instructor or a lab consultant.

To start a Telnet session from a home computer:

Running Windows:

Information Technology Services recommends you use a Secure Shell (SSH) client.

You can also down load a SSH client for Windows from



If your connection is dropped before getting a login prompt, first check to make sure you typed "" as the location. If your internet connection is not through UM-St. Louis, you may want to check to see if your ISP has Reverse DNS set up. (Admiral performs a standard reverse DNS name check for inbound connections.)

If you are prompted to change your password, this most likely means that you do not have a shell account and you will not be able to get a prompt to enter commands. If you are having problems accessing your Unix account please contact the Help Desk at 516-6034.