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Wireless Security

Protecting Yourself When Connecting Wirelessly

The wireless network at UMSL is called "TritonNet". TritonNet is designed to give quick network access to basic web services without the need to VPN into campus.

TritonNet does NOT use any wireless encryption. If you need encryption, you should VPN into campus for that communication. TritonNet works much the same way that wireless hotspots at coffee shops and bookstores do. You are connecting to a wireless network where data can be transmitted in plain text over the air. It is possible for others on the network to see what you are doing.

How can you protect yourself?

Here are some tips for when you are connecting to publicly available wireless or wired networks:

In summary, if you need to do "private" email, online banking, or anything involving personal information, please verify you are connected through https:// or some type of secure access. If you are unsure, you should use our campus VPN connection. Instructions can be found here.