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Top 10 Security Issues

Good security can help prevent identity theft, computer downtime, and loss of productivity, data, and money! Follow these rules to stay safe...

1. Do not share your password more..
2. Use a strong password more..
3. Run up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software more..
4. Regularly patch your computer more..
5. Learn to recognize Phishing & Social Engineering scams more..
6. Learn to recognize malicious links & attachments in email
7. DO NOT send personal information via email
8. Always log off public computers
9. Peer-to-peer file sharing can be illegal or harmful
10. Consider using a more secure web browser - Firefox

Top 4 Resources You May Not Know

  1. Faculty And Staff Can Get A Discount On A Home PC By Going To
  2. You Can Share Files With Other People In Your Department Through Your Departmental Samba Drive (N:\)
  3. You Can Put Personal Web Pages In The public _html Directory Of Your Unix Account
  4. You Can Access Your Email Securely From Off Campus Through My gateway (

Top 5 Best Practices Or Tips For Using Your Computer

  1. Perform Regular Maintenance On Your Computer
  2. Save Files Often To Avoid Data Loss
  3. Scan Documents At Resolutions Appropriate To What They Will Be Used For:
    • 72 DPI For Text Documents And Graphics To Be Viewed On A Computer
    • 600 To 1200 DPI For Graphics That Will Be Printed
  4. Use ITS Streaming Video Servers To Deliver Video Content
  5. Save Data To Your K:\ Drive, A Burnable CD Or A USB Drive When Using A Lab Or Classroom PC

ITS Resource Offices Contact Information And Useful URLS

  1. If you have a computer security incident, please contact the CSIRT team at 314-516-6034 or
  2. - Free Anti-virus
  3. Ad Aware
  4. - Spybot Search & Destroy
  5. Phishing Information
  6. (Under The Quick Links Section) - ITS Maintenance Guide

If you have a computer security incident, please contact the CSIRT team at 314-516-6034 or email