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Windows Agent Install Instructions

Download and Install the Windows Persistent Agent.

Click here to download the Client Security Agent

Let's download the client. Click the link that says "Click here to download the Client Security Agent". You may be prompted to save the file, simply click save.


The agent downloads to where your browser is set, usually one's desktop. You will need to find the file MacPersistentAgent.dmg


Now that we have successfully downloaded the client it is time to instal lit . Double click the file and a windowlike the one below appears. Double click the Bradford Persistent Agent.pkg file.


Double clicking the file starts the Install process. You should now see a screen like this one. Simply click continue.


The Installer will walk you through installing the agent. For the most part this requires you to click Continue. This step requires you to click on the volume or drive you want to install on, in this case we are using Macintosh HD, your hard drive name may be different.


The next step is Easy Install, this installs the Agent on your computer. Click Install.


Depending on how your computer is set up you may be asked to Authenticate. Use your login name or account name plus password that you use to log in to your computer with. This may or may not be auto populated.


After authenticating, the software will install and upon completion you will see a screen stating your success. Job well done, click close.


If your system is not already registered.. You will see the following screen. You will need to enter your UMSL SSO_ID and password to register.


When you succesfully login you are presented a screen that looks like the one below. Read through the message then click the Close button.


Upon installing you will notice a circle with a check mark in it appear in your menu bar - upper right portion of your screen.


If you click this icon a menu will drop down. Checking messages will reveal that you were successful in installing the agent.

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If are experiencing problems, please call the TSC at 314-516-6034.