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Accessing Student Records

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Accessing your semester grades and class schedule online

There is a secure, password-protected web-based system that gives you access to:

  • Your end-of-semester grades for all completed terms
  • Class schedule for all upcoming terms for which you have registered
  • Your degree audit report
  • Your student account information, with the ability to pay on your account electronically

This is accessible through:

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The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is an automated system that tracks your academic progress and keeps you on track towards completing your degree. DARS takes all UMSL coursework, transfer courses, and courses in progress and provides you with a printed report that tells you what additional coursework is needed for completing your degree. The DARS report even calculates your overall and major GPAs! You can run a degree audit at any time during your progress, with the assistance of an academic advisor or on your own using the DARS program.

To access the DARS program, log into MyGateway, click on the "Student Tab" and click on "My DARS Report" under "My Academic Toolbox."

In addition, you can run “what-if” audits that will allow you to see how your coursework could be used to meet other degree programs, minors, and certificates.

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How can DARS help you?

  • DARS takes the “guesswork” out of selecting courses for future enrollment.
  • The report shows what requirements are completed and what courses still need to be taken.
  • DARS shows where transfer work will apply toward your degree requirements.
  • DARS uses the on-line student record for information, therefore the report is up-to-date.
  • DARS suggests courses from which to choose.
  • DARS calculates the GPA for various areas such as the major or degree hours.

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How do I get a DARS report?

There are several way to obtain your DARS report. You can use any of the options below to obtain your DARS report:

  • Log into MyGateway, click on the “Student Tab”, click on “My DARS Report” under “My Academic Toolbox”.
  • Go to http://www.umsl.edu/services/dars
  • You may receive a DARS report from your academic advisor.
  • You may request a DARS report at the Center for Student Success located in the Millennium Student Center.

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