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Using Computers on Campus

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MAIN LAB NUMBER: 314-516-6061
LOCATION: 103 Social Sciences Building
URL: http://www.umsl.edu/technology/iss/Student Labs/index.html
EMAIL: ic@umsl.edu

There are open access computer labs available to students. Most of the labs are staffed with student consultants who can help orient you to the hardware and software that is available. Windows and Macintosh OS /Unix are the three supported operating systems on campus. Some of the labs have all of them available, others are platform specific. . A User ID and Password, also commonly referred to as an SSO ID are required to log into all the computer systems! An UMSL ID may be requested at any time in the computing labs.

Windows users can save their work a variety of ways; on their personal server account space (Network Drive), DVD-RW drives, on a personal USB flash drive. Macintosh users can save their work on their personal server account, DVD/CD RW drive, or a personal USB flash drive. It is important to ALWAYS save your work frequently when using the labs. If something happens we won’t be able to retrieve it for you!


Lab Resources

Instructional Support Services provides a variety of software for use on the Windows and Macintosh OS /Unix systems. A complete listing of the software available is located on our website http://www.umsl.edu/technology/iss/Software/index.html

Consultants staffing the labs will be able to provide support on common applications, such as Microsoft Office, FTP clients, MyGateway, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Course instructors or tutors can provide assistance on course specific applications such as SPSS, Visual Basic, Maple, and SAS.

Printing Policies

Instructional Support Services uses PaperCut NG to help manage the printing in the lab and classroom environments. PaperCut will assist Instructional Computing in understanding the academic printing needs of students.
PaperCut provides feedback to students on how many pages are in each print job, as well as a history of the print jobs they have sent. There are also features that will allow users to see what their print jobs environmental impact is on trees, carbon, and energy.
Overall the features of PaperCut should help improve our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper and toner used in the labs and classrooms.  Those wanting to reduce the amount of paper they consume have a few options; select duplex printing when available, print only documents that will be used, view materials electronically, reduce the size of the margins, and ask your instructor if they you can submit your course work electronically.
It is important to remember the following Instructional Support Services printing policies.

  • No Multiple Copies. (Copy Machines are available in many locations on campus.)
  • When printing, only print 20 pages at a time so that others may get their print jobs processed in a timely manner
  • Use only the paper provided in the computer labs. You will not be allowed to put your own paper in the lab printers.
  • The printing of envelopes, transparencies or mailing labels are prohibited in the labs.
  • When printing large documents from the web, use Print Preview to print only those pages you need rather than the entire document.
  • When printing Power Point presentations print them three - six slides to a page to minimize paper consumption. Lab consultants can assist you with this process.
  • Please report any printer problems immediately to the consultant on duty.
  • Some of the computer labs are equipped with color printers. When printing to a color printer, send the print job to that printer, and then work with the consultant on duty in that lab to release your print job. Color print jobs expire after 30 minutes.

In addition, SSB 103, Thomas Jefferson Library Research Commons (TJ 316), Ward E. Barnes Library, and Fine Arts 220 provide color printing. You will select the color printer and then notify the consultant who will check the print job and then authorize the printing of one copy. If you need multiple color copies of your work, or your work printed on specialty paper you’ll need to get them elsewhere.

Labs in Thomas Jefferson Library 316, SSB 103, FA 220, Music 105 are equipped with color scanners. If you are new to scanning the lab consultants are available to help get you started. In addition to the scanners you may also access multimedia software such as Adobe PhotoShop in all these labs and you will also find large stand up Bookeye scanners that allow yout to scan documents to a USB drive or have the files emailed to you.

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Laptop Student Checkout

Laptops PCs are now available for student checkout at theThomas Jefferson Library. UMSL students may use the laptops in the libraries for up to four hours by submitting an UMSL student ID and signing the use agreement.

The laptops, provided by Instructional Support Services, are configured with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. After logging in with a SSO ID, students can save to their File Storage Space drive or a personal USB flash drive. Recently expanded wireless Internet access throughout the libraries allows students to use the computers just about anywhere.

Students interested in borrowing laptops may inquire at the Circulation Desks at the Thomas Jefferson Library.

Thomas Jefferson Library- North Campus             
(314) 516-5057

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During the fall and winter semesters, we offer several free software Short Courses specifically designed for students, which cover basic computing topics. We offer classes in using My Gateway, Microsoft Office applications, Mac OSX/Unix, File Management, and classes in basic web design. Visit any of the labs for dates and times, or visit our website: http://www.umsl.edu/technology/iss/Student Labs/shortcourses.html

To register for classes or to view all available dates and times, please visit:

A variety of the labs offer tutors for specific course work. Checking with your professor is the best way to obtain these details, or stop by any of the computer labs for information they may have available..

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Online Testing Center

The Online Testing Center (OTC) is available for proctored exams using MyGateway (or other online assessment programs).

North Campus JC Penney 075:

The OTC is located in room 075 North Campus JC Penney Building. The OTC has 28 machines iincluding a disability machine available for OTC, Appointments should be made in advance.

Be sure to provide the necessary information: your name, class, class number, test number, date, and time. Also, insure you schedule appointments to allow sufficient time to complete your exams.

Students will not be allowed to finish tests past the closing time of the OTC. Students are responsible for knowing where to access exams in their MyGateway class sites or from any other assessment program their instructors use. Walk-in appointments will be allowed only as space and time allows.

To schedule an appointment you can vist the OTC. If you have questions you can emai the OTC at: umslon@umsl.edu Phone: 314-516- 4600, or schedule yourself for an exam via the online request form: https://apps.umsl.edu/webapps/weboffice/OTC/user/login.cfm

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