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Glossary of Terms

Active Directory is a directory service where information about users and resources is stored.

Administrative Systems the financial, student and human resource databases and applications used by the University of Missouri.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) the Center for Teaching and Learning, a division of the Office of Academic Affairs, enhances the culture of teaching and learning and sponsors professional development programs for faculty and graduate students at the UM-St. Louis.

Closed classrooms those rooms used and maintained by individual departments. ITS does not provide support for these rooms.

Faculty Accomplishment System (FAS) allows faculty members to enter information about service, publication, advising and other activities and generate reports.

Faculty Resource Center (FRC) provides enhanced instructional technology support to faculty, staff and graduate TA's.

Information Technology Services (ITS) the campus computing, telephone, and networking department for the UM - St. Louis campus.

Internet 2 - a consortium established in 1997 among the nation's top research universities, in partnership with industry and the government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet.

Live Classroom - real time virtual classroom which supports voice, video, whiteboarding, content display with archive capabilities and application sharing. Sometimes referred to as "Horizon/Wimba."

MyGateway refers to UM - St. Louis' implementation of the Blackboard® online course management system.

Regular open classrooms have permanently placed overhead projectors and many have permanently placed TV/VCR units.

SAMBA a utility that allows you to connect to network disk space on a Unix server. This gives you access to your files from anywhere there is a network connection.

Single Sign on ID (SSO ID) refers to a single ID and password used to access multiple university computing resources. For faculty and staff, your SSO ID is based upon your last name and your first initial, possibly followed by additional characters to ensure uniqueness. Also know as your Gateway ID.

Steamboat the name of a Unix server at UM-St. Louis, which provides disk space over the network to Apple Macs and Microsoft Windows PCs, utilizing Samba.

Stick rooms have one networked computer station, a VCR, and a permanently mounted data projector.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) have individual networked computer stations for all students, an instructor station, a VCR and a permanently mounted data projector.

Technology enhanced lecture halls have the same basic configuration as stick rooms but with a much larger seating capacity.

Technology Support Center (TSC) provides assistance to faculty, staff and students experiencing computer problems or requesting computing services.

UNIX an operating system that runs the large campus computers used for research, programming classes and databases.

UNIX account allows you to login to the Unix servers and provides an allotment of disk space.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) allows two or more private networks to be connected over a publicly accessible network such as the Internet. A VPN will allow you to connect to services that are only available through the UM-St. Louis network even if you are off campus.

Voice Tools - voice tool features include: voice board, voice announcements, voice email, voice recorder and voice direct. These tools are integrated into the MyGateway course management system.

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