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Course Management Tools

MyGateway Course Management System

The MyGateway Online Course Management System was introduced at UM-St. Louis at the beginning of Fall semester 2000. The system is supported by Blackboard® software.

MyGateway provides students and faculty with access to course materials, and a variety of programs that enable classroom communication and interaction using virtually any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.

The MyGateway support team provides the following services for the course management system.

  • Account Creations and Deletions
  • Course Creation, Course Copies /Combinations, Archiving and Course Deletion
  • Instructor and Student Enrollment
  • MyGateway Orientation and Training
  • MyGateway and Listservs
  • Online Help

For more information call the Faculty Resource Center: 516-6704 or or email:

Wimba Classroom

Real-time virtual classroom that supports voice, video, white-boarding, content display with archive capabilities and application sharing. Wimba Classroom is a flexible tool with collaborative features that allow faculty and students to build relationships. Instructors could use Wimba Classroom to conduct "virtual" office hours or group discussions in different break-out rooms. Lecture and presentation content can include Powerpoint, PDF as well as various graphic formats.

Voice Tools

Features include: voice board, voice announcements, voice email, voice recorder and voice direct. These tools are integrated into the MyGateway course management system and can be used to increase engagement between students and faculty by promoting vocal collaboration and enhancement of group discussions. Instructors could use voice announcements for welcome messages or to provide information such as exam dates to students. Voice boards could be used to promote collaborative threaded discussions and voice emails can be sent back and forth between student peers and instructor. Voice recorder could be used to record a brief audio message within a content area in MyGateway. Voice direct is a live conferencing tool which allows instructors and students to communicate without using a telephone.

For more information on any of these features call the Faculty Resource Center: 516-6704 or email:

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