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Technology Classrooms

Instructional Computing provides audiovisual resources to open classrooms for instructional use. There are six types of classrooms at the UMSL campus:

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs)
TECs have individual networked computer stations for all students, an instructor station with a DVD drive, a VCR and a ceiling-mounted data projector.

Stick rooms
Stick rooms have one networked computer station with a DVD drive, a VCR and a ceiling-mounted data projector for the instructors' use.

Technology Enhanced Lecture Halls
Technology enhanced lecture halls have the same basic configuration as stick rooms but have a much larger seating capacity. These rooms are traditional lecture halls but they include an instructor station with a DVD drive, a VCR, an amplified sound system and a ceiling-mounted data projector.

Interactive Two-way Video Classrooms (ITV)
Interactive Two-way Video (ITV) classrooms are classrooms equipped to transmit and receive audio and video to and from a variety of sources. ITV classrooms are available for instructional use, video conferencing, department meetings and for meetings with distant colleagues.

Open Classrooms
Regular open classrooms have permanently placed overhead projectors, and many have permanently placed TV/VCR units. Instructional Computing will also deliver slide projectors and TV/VCRs to open classrooms based on availability.

Closed Classrooms
Closed classrooms are rooms used and maintained by individual departments. There is no Instructional Computing technical or audiovisual support in these rooms.

For more information about these rooms, visit Instructional Computing online at: and then click on "Technology Classrooms." You can also visit: or, call Instructional Computing at: 516-6852.


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Last Updated: October 27, 2009
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