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Tablets do not require review or approval by ITS, as long as the total purchase cost is below the minimum threshold of BPM1204

Apple iPad

The campus bookstore has many items in stock and can special order items not in stock.  Acceptable payment options include department accounting codes. iPads and accessories purchased through the campus bookstore and charged to university accounts are also eligible for small rebates issued back to the purchasing MoCode; rebates are issued quarterly.  Contact TritonTech at the bookstore: (314) 516-6054.

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro are available through Show Me Shop and should be purchased through standard eProcurement processes.

Other tablets

There are a variety of other tablet options available through Show Me Shop.  Tablets should be procured through standard eProcurement processes.

If a need arises that cannot be met by any of the options above or the total cost exceeds the minimum threshold of BPM1204, please complete the Request Approval for IT Purchase process prior to making any purchases.