For a list of the standard software included in the campus image that will be installed on computers, please visit the Standard Software webpage for a current listing.

There are several software packages available for download for free on the Software Distribution website.  Login with a valid SSO ID and password to access the list of software available.  Downloads are often limited to one per person.  Please contact the Technology Support Center with questions about the Software Distribution site.

TritonApps provides students, faculty, and staff with remote access to applications, such as SPSS, Matlab, and R.  Login with a valid SSO ID and password to access the remote applications available.

If there is a software you would like to purchase that is not available on any of the sites above, please submit a Cherwell request via along with IT approval for ITS to purchase for you.

If you already have a quote for software that you would like to purchase, please follow the Request Approval for IT Purchase process.