Please note that this information is for departmental computer purchases only.  If you need to order a new UCP computer, please visit the UCP website.

Requests for Departmental Computers or Exceptions to the Standard Computer

Requests for Departmental Computers or Exceptions to the Standard Computer can be reviewed under the following conditions:

  1. Documented requirements for the need for a different operating system, special hardware configurations, or other special needs not afforded under the standard option.
  2. Unit Business manager approves of the request.
  3. College, School or Division lead approves the need.

If the above 3 requirements are fulfilled, then the following must be observed:

  1. Technology Purchase Request including the above criteria is submitted, and CFO/CIO or their delegate approves the exception.
  2. The end user's unit/department will be financially responsible for any difference in cost above the current provided standard offering.
  3. The department acknowledges that support may be limited on the device and may not receive the full extent of support offered by ITS.

Departments shall assume the cost of any computers, upgrades, or additional peripherals beyond the standard workstation that is provided as part of the UCP.

If the order is approved, the following information will need to be provided to:

  • Technology Purchase Request PDF Approval, and quote that was provided
  • What building and room the computer should be delivered to
  • What data port the computer should be installed on (if applicable)
  • The serial number of the computer being replaced (if applicable)
  • If the computer is replacing an older system, the older system will be collected by the technician when installing the new system.
  • What MoCode should be charged for the cost of the system