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Department Computer Options

Please note that this information is for departmental computer purchases only.  If you need to order a new bITS computer, please visit the bITS website.

There are four types of computer options available:

Each document has multiple tabs, each tab with configuration options for different available models.  Standard configurations should meet the vast majority of needs on campus; the only exceptions should be very specialized research equipment. If there is something specific needed that is not available in the documents above, please review the Standardization of Computers policy and then contact Brooke Lawrence to discuss other options.

Monitors may be added to the computer configuration on the online order form.  The monitors available on the order form are:

  • Dell P2017 20-inch widescreen for $114 each
  • Dell P2217 22-inch widescreen for $131 each
  • Dell P2317 23-inch widescreen for $142 each
  • Dell P2417 24-inch widescreen for $171 each
  • Dell U2417 24-inch Ultrasharp widescreen for $206 each
  • Dell P2717 27-inch widescreen for $228 each
  • Dell U2717 27-inch Ultrasharp widescreen for $389 each

Once the desired configuration has been selected, please save the document on your computer and place your order through the Request System.  To complete the order form, you will need:

  • What building and room the computer should be delivered to
  • What data port the computer should be installed on (if applicable)
  • The serial number of the computer being replaced (if applicable)
  • What MoCode should be charged for the cost of the system

Please attach the document saved on your computer before submitting the order.

Screenshot of how to attach a file to the order form