Telephone Services

Student Information


For emergencies, dial X5155 or 911.

For repairs, dial X6500.

For harassing calls: contact Campus Police, X5155.

Prohibited Services: Additional services on your phone line (such as voicemail, AOL or 10-10-### long distance service) are not permitted by the University. Any charges incurred by obtaining such services will be billed directly to your student account. These charges will also incur a $10 handling fee for each billable instance.

For other questions, please dial X6500.

Dorm Residents

Students living in campus dorms need to register for phone service semester by semester. Please apply by clicking on the following link:


Select the semester and click "yes" to submit request. There is no fee for phone service. Data services are provided without registration.

For more information regarding telephone services, please refer to the Residential Students Information Access Services Guide (phone and data).


Registration for telephone and data port services at University Meadows is available to:

For current registrations, please note that data ports will be disabled at the end of the current semester unless (or until) you have registered for the subsequent semester or summer session. Telephone services will be enabled for a "courtesy period" during any breaks. However, if registration is not received by the end of the 3rd day of class, then there may be an interruption of telephone and/or data port services. As noted above, data port services will not be enabled unless you have registered.

Voicemail boxes will be cleared and passwords will be reset to the default password at the end of each semester. Also, if you recorded a personal greeting, it will need to be recorded each semester.

For voicemail instructions, go to For information regarding telephone services, please refer to the Residential Students Information Access Services Guide (phone and data).



Charges to Student Account for Information Access Services

Registration Date % Assessed Charges Amount due University
5/19/14 - 8/9/14 100% $80

In order to accurately compute your billing charges/refunds, please register and/or disconnect using the on-line web application. If you are moving to another apartment or dorm room, please use the “move” option rather than disconnecting and re-registering. There may be a $35 move fee assessed per move (there is no charge if the move is at the request of University Meadows).

REFUNDS (CREDIT TO STUDENT ACCOUNT): Refunds/credits will be computed based on registration and disconnect dates. Refunds/credits must be requested.

If you have any questions about your billing, please contact Telephone Services at x6500.

Note: The University enables all phones for a period of approximately 2-3 weeks at the beginning of each semester. This “courtesy” is not provided for data ports. To ensure that you have Information Access Services (both telephone and data port), you must register on-line ( Phones will be disabled for those apartments/phones appearing on a “non-registered” listing generated two weeks after the beginning of each semester and after Memorial Day for Summer Sessions. If you find your phone is among those disabled due to non-registration, you can have the phone re-enabled and the data port enabled within 24 hours (regular business working hours) after submission of the on-line web application.