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Cellular Telephones

Cellular Telephone Policies and Procedures



The University of Missouri-St. Louis has established policies and procedures for cellular telephones.  The campus policies have incorporated the UM System policies found in section 1205 of the Business Policy Manual.



Employees of the University of Missouri-St. Louis whose University activities necessitate use of a cellular phone may be assigned a University phone or may be reimbursed for business use of a personal phone.  Departments should consider the non-compensatory business reason for providing the employee with a cellular phone, which could include:



The employee’s department is responsible for determining whether a cellular phone is needed and for ensuring funding is available to pay for the phone and services.  The employee or department should:

  1. review current university contract information
  2. complete Request Form for University Owned Cellular Phone.
  3. obtain approvals.
  4. acquire phone and service from a telecommunications company under contract with the University (service plan must be based on anticipated business need/usage);
  5. print, sign, and send a copy of attachment received via email from completed Request Form for University Owned Cellular Phone to 451 ESH Attn: Telephone Services.
  6. monitor usage and service plans.
  7. perform annual review of all University owned cellular phones to verify and document justification.  Per BPM-1205, the need for a University cellular phone must be reviewed at least once a year to verify and document that a University phone is still justified.  Telephone Services will send a request for annual review to the department contact listed on the Request Form.
  8. send any changes to plan or changes in inventory to 451 ESH Attn: Telephone Services.

Usage Worksheet - Reimbursement to Employee (PDF 5KB)