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Work Order Forms

If you need to have a phone moved or reassigned, please visit our Phone Changes page.

Please select Online Work Orders from the menu to fill out and submit work orders for Installs, Disconnects, or Upgrades.

INSTRUCTIONS: You will sign in with your SSO ID and password and select type of work order. Install or Upgrade work orders require a MoCode. Disconnect work orders require the extension.

You are the requestor, you may be the MoCode Authorizer and/or the MoCode owner (designated in the Telephone Services billing application). As such, you may receive up to 3 confirmation emails regarding the work order. Selection of a MoCode Authorizer is required. If the information in the email is not correct, please reply to the email with explanation. The work order will be canceled and you will be asked to resubmit the work order.

Optional fields include selecting a preferred date for completion of the work order and a comments field for additional information.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a flashing bar titled (depending on type of work order) ADD A NEW INSTALLATION, ANOTHER DISCONNECT, or UPGRADE EQUIPMENT. Click on the flashing bar and another window will appear. Input the appropriate information.

On all work orders, please select FINISH on the input window. Repeat entries as necessary by clicking on the flashing bar again. An entry can be edited or deleted.

When completed, select SUBMIT. If you change your mind, please select CANCEL and logout. In either case, an informational message will appear