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Instructions and Guides

ShoreTel Information

Below you will find guides and information for the phones, the voicemail system, and more.

Interested in an online tutorial on how to use your phone? Visit ShoreTel's training website and click on the model IP Phone you would like to learn more about. Tutorials typically take less than 5 minutes. - Login to 1) confirm your mailbox extension, 2) request changes to your voice mailbox (i.e., change appearance of first/last name), 3) request voicemail to be sent to email as a WAV file, 4) request a "0 revert" number, or 5) request external call forward.

ShoreTel Communicator:

ShoreTel Communicator is an application that runs on your computer and integrates with your new ShoreTel IP Phone. ShoreTel Communicator allows you to make settings changes to your phone, integrate with Outlook to receive voicemail through email, quickly search for other colleagues through the Directory, and more.  Using ShoreTel Communicator can also make functions that typically require pressing numerous keys on the phone faster and simpler, such as transferring calls to another phone or voicemail box, conferencing in additional extensions, and changing Call Handling mode.

Getting started:

Interested in an online tutorial on how to use ShoreTel Communicator? Visit ShoreTel's training website and learn more about the many features Communicator has to offer:

Interested in an instructor-led training session on how to use ShoreTel Communicator?  Visit the IT Workshops Registration website to view the upcoming schedule and to register for a session:

For more information or help, please visit the KnowledgeBase at, or call Telephone Services at x6500.