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Features for Phones

Multi-Line Phones

(ShoreTel IP 230 & ShoreTel IP 265)

Conference (up to 6 participants)


Transfer an Active Call


Single-Line Phones

(ShoreTel IP 115)

Conference (up to 3 participants)

Transfer an Active Call


ShoreTel Communicator

ShoreTel Communicator is an application that runs on your computer and integrates with your new ShoreTel IP Phone.

ShoreTel Communicator allows you to easily perform any of the tasks above with just a few clicks of your computer mouse.  You can also easily change or configure your call handling mode from the menu, including recording greetings for specific call handling modes, change a setting to allow receipt of voicemail through Outlook, and access your voicemail, call history, and view a directory of campus users.


You can view a list of current/saved/deleted voicemail messages.  From this view, you can play, forward, reply, delete or save messages. 


You can view a history of calls made from or to your extension.  You can also click on a phone number from this tab to automatically dial it.


You can view a complete directory of users.  You can use the search function to find someone and automatically dial the extension from this tab.