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Available Options

Requesting "EXAM PACKAGE" on the Optical Scanning Services Form prints the grade listing, statistics, and item analysis.

Grade Listing
The grade listing is normally sorted by name and includes identification number, score, percentile rank, and t-score. The grade listing can optionally be sorted on any field that has been coded, such as identification number or special codes.

The statistics calculated include the mean, standard deviation, and frequency distribution for the exam.

Item Analysis
The item analysis provides a verbal and statistical interpretation of each question and each of its responses. The students are grouped into the upper and lower scoring 27%, and based on their scores, the program determines if the question was easy or difficult and if the question discriminates between upper and lower scoring students.

Special Scoring
Any point value (including fractional amounts) can be assigned to questions. Just indicate the special scoring needed when completing the services form when the exam is turned in for grading. (i.e. q1-q10 worth 2 pts. each, q11-20 worth 3.5 pts each

Simple Scoring
Simple scoring consist of ONLY scoring the exams against the key and printing the number correct on the front of each scan sheet. No printout of the results is given and no special scoring is available