Optical Scanning Information

Each exam or evaluation that is either dropped off or sent over to us will be logged into our Remedy system.  This will provide the instructor with a record that we have received your exam or evaluation.  If someone is dropping off or picking up an exam or evaluation on your behalf, please list their name on the Optical Scanning Services Form.  You may be asked to show a photo ID.  If you are requesting your forms be mailed back to you via campus mail, please provide a self-addressed envelope for us to use.

As a general rule you will receive exam results within 2 days, and evaluation results within 2 weeks.

To learn more about services we provide in 211 Lucas Hall, please click About Optical Scanning.

For general information about Test Scoring, please click Test Scoring.

For general information regarding Course Evaluations, please click Course Evaluation Summaries.

To access the Optical Scanning Service Form, please click Service Form.

To access information regarding Data Analysis, please click Data Analysis.

For information regarding Custom Form Design, please click Custom Form Design.
To place an order for General Purpose Answer Sheets, please email us at opscan@umsl.edu.  Be sure to include in your email the color of form, the quantity needed, and the campus address where they need to be sent.  The forms will then be mailed to the attention of the person sending the request.  If you have any questions about what type of sheet you may need, please click Answer Sheets for more information.

Contact: Helpdesk (314) 516-6034, or E-mail opscan@umsl.edu