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Course Evaluation Summaries

By using scannable forms, there is a simple and effective way to obtain departmental course and/or instructor evaluations. The results can be computed for each class by reference number, and also for the department overall. Results include frequencies, percentages, and means for each question. Also provided are an overall mean and standard deviation. NOTE: In order for overall departmental means to be accurate, all classes must have answered the same questions.

The way the department course evaluations are organized is by the use of header sheets. A header sheet is a scannable form that is placed on top of the completed student evaluations. By coding the course reference number in the I.D. Number field of the header sheet, the code will be placed in each student record. This eliminates the need to have students code the course number on their evaluation sheet.

Two combinations of header/student sheets can be used:
1.) BLUE student sheets with a GREEN header
2.) GREEN student sheets with a RED header

Rules for Using Header Sheets