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About Optical Scanning

The Optical Programming area provides scoring of exams, data collection, and programming services for the campus. The Optical Scanning area uses a National Computer Systems OPSCAN 10 optical mark reader capable of scanning up to 5500 sheets per hour. Faculty members giving multiple choice/True-False exams can have them scored and receive the results usually on the same day.

To have exams scored, deliver them to room 211 Lucas Hall with the answer key on top of the stack of student exams. When scanning an exam, the number of correct responses a student has is printed on the individual test sheet. In addition, a report is provided. Exam files are kept for a semester. A copy of the results will be emailed to you.

The standard exam package includes a frequency distribution of scores, the exam mean and standard deviation, an alphabetical listing of student names, student numbers, an exam score, and an item analysis. The item analysis provides a statistical interpretation of each question and each of its responses.

In addition to the standard exam package, special programming requests can be made. For example, grade listings can be sorted by student numbers rather than names. Special scoring requests can also be programmed. (i.e. Questions 1-10 are worth 2 points, while 11-15 are worth 4.5 points each. A penalty factor could be subtracted for incorrect answers.)

Research data can often be collected using scannable forms. Once the data has been collected, a copy of the data can be provided to you for analysis. Three different types of machine readable, general-purpose answer sheets that can be used for exams, course evaluations, surveys, or data collection are kept in stock. Assistance in adapting your questions to fit a particular type of answer sheet is provided. If a custom form is required, we can design a scannable form to meet your needs. When small quantities of custom forms are needed they may be locally overprinted on special scannable forms. These forms can only be printed on one-side and are quickly available.

Contact: Helpdesk (314) 516-6034, or E-mail