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Remote Desktop Gateway Setup

Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway)

RD Gateway is a safe way for UMSL Faculty and Staff to connect to your MS Windows computer at work from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the Internet and without the need to connect to a separate VPN client.

RD Gateway secures the connection by adding a layer of TLS encryption.

Step 1: Find the name of your Windows workstation:

  1. Go to Windows search bar and type "Computer Name" and hit enter.

  2. Take note of the Computer Name (Windows 7) or PC name (Windows 10). Remember to add to the end per instructions in the box below.

Step 2: Run or install your Microsoft Remote Desktop Client:

Windows computers already have a Remote Desktop Client, all you have to do is search for it. Macs, IOS devices (iPhones/iPads) and Android devices need the Microsoft RDP app installed.

The Remote Desktop client will need to be configured to use as the Gateway hostname.

Remote Desktop Gateway has two requirements:

Your username must be entered as or umsl-users\ssoid

The computer name must be entered as If this is your first time using Remote Desktop, you must have the computer name of the UMSL workstation you'll be connecting to.

Setup Instructions: