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Request System

Using the Request System

The Request System tab is located inside of the MyGateway course management system. Use this feature to request course combinations and copies, as well as additions/changes to an instructors course listings.

Please click on the feature to find out more:

Copy Request
Combo Request
Course User Assignment
Request Organization
Request Course Shell

Copy Request (MS Word docx) - Content developed in a previous MyGateway course can be copied into a current or future class site with this tool. All material will be copied except users.

Instructors can import their own backup of a course which can expedite the process of getting needed course materials loaded quickly. This can be done through the course options of the control panel in the requested course. See tutorial....

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Combo Request (MS Word docx) - Courses that have multiple sections or instructors teaching courses with the same content can combine them into one MyGateway course.

Processing a combination will immediately unenroll all instructors and students. The next business day after the users have been unenrolled, they will be re-enrolled in the parent course. Keep in mind that any assessments recorded for users under the child courses before the combination was processed will be lost and cannot be recovered.

It is suggested that course combinations be made as early in the semester as possible to reduce confusion and eliminate any future problems with lost assessments.

Please double check all courses before submitting a combination so as to not erase any assessments of another course.

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Course User Assignment (MS Word docx) - Instructors can request to be added to an additional course. They can also request to add Teaching Assistants (TA's), Grader or a Course Builder to a MyGateway course site.

Also, instructors can manually add MyGateway users such as TA's, Grader or a Course Builder to a course or organization site. To do this, access the Control Panel of the course or organization and click on the "Users" link located under the Users and Groups category. Click the Find Users to Enroll button and enter the username, role and then click submit.

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Request Organization (MS Word docx) - Official campus groups, such as student clubs or faculty committees, can request an organization site in which to communicate to fellow group members. These sites are similar to a regular course site, but appear under the My Organizations area.

MyGateway policy states that these sites must be requested by the faculty or staff advisor on record.

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Request Course Shell (MS Word docx) - Course shells are permanent course sites used for the development of course content. You can copy the materials from the course shell into a registered course site and keep the shell for future use.

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