Panopto: An Easy Way to Create Presentations for Your Students

Panopto is a presentation tool integrated in MyGateway that allows instructors to conveniently and easily record, capture and share video presentations with their students. With Panopto (located in the Tools area in my Gateway) instructors can record their voice, computer screen, PowerPoint slides and additional video sources, and then easily save their presentations so that students can view them. Panopto is an easy way to create course lectures, study guides, course introductions, test reviews and more:

Other features include:

  • Automatically recognizes any recording device you want to use.
  • Allows instructors (and students) to take notes while viewing presentation.
  • Notes and PowerPoint slides are automatically searchable.
  • Internet connection not required to record content.

Panopto Resources

What is Panopto?

Panopto How-to videos page

Panopto Support

How to create a basic recording (html)

Download the Panopto recorder
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For more information, to schedule departmental workshops, or for individualized consultation relating to the use of Panopto, please contact the Faculty Resource Centerby phone, 314-516-6704, email or visit Express Scripts Hall (ESH) 105.