Online Grade Submission and MyGateway

MyView Student Grade Submittal

Follow these steps to submit final grades from your MyGateway course grade book:

  1. Enter valid final grades (letter grades) in the “Final Grade” column of your MyGateway class grade book. (There should be a grade book column labeled “Final Grade” already in your class grade book. If not, simply add an item, but insure it is labeled “Final Grade.” Additionally, insure the "display as" setting for this column is set to "text," (necessary to enter EX, DL, Y, and AU grades).   
  2. Valid grades for UMSL: Undergraduate: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, FN, EX – Excused, DL – Delayed, AU - Audit Graduate: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, F, FN, EX – Excused, DL – Delayed, AU - Audit    
  3. Login to the MyView student information system at: or click on the link "MyView Student Grade Submittal"  in your MyGateway class site's Control Panel Assessment area which will take you to this page.    
  4. Click on Self Service, then click on Faculty Center. Your courses should each be listed. Click on the grade roster icon for the course you'd like to grade. You may need to change the term.    
  5. Assign each student a roster grade OR to import the grades for the selected course/section, click on the "Get Grades from MyGateway" button.  This will assign the grades you have entered in the "Final Grade" column of MyGateway.    
  6. NOTE: If you have combined multiple class sections into one MyGateway site, you will first have to select the official course section for which you wish to submit grades, and then choose the appropriate MyGateway course site from which to “pull” grades. Grades for each official course section will have to be submitted separately. The combined MyGateway site will have to be selected for each of the official course sections.    
  7. Review the grades that display on the screen.  An invalid grade from MyGateway can't be assigned so will not be displayed.    
  8. Click on Save to save your entries.  Your grades are not officially submitted until you mark them as ‘Approved’ and then 'Save.'    
  9. Additional help can be found at: or by contacting the Faculty Resource Center at x6704 or email