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Grading and Assessments

Assessments and the GradeCenter: Creating Exams, Using GradeCenter and more
  1. Online Grade Submission and MyGateway (html)
  2. Exploring the Grade Center (pdf)
  3. Customizing the Grade Center View (video)
  4. Adding Grade Columns (pdf)
  5. Weighting Grades (pdf)
  6. Changing Grades (pdf)
  7. Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers to Test Questions (video) 
  8. Automatic Regrading (pdf), Automatic Regrading (video)
  9. Getting Started with the Needs Grading Page (video) 
  10. Viewing Grade Details (video)
  11. Creating a Grade Center Report (video)
  12. Creating a Grading Rubric (video)
  13. Viewing and Downloading Grade History (video)
  14. Uploading/Downloading the Grade Center (pdf)
  15. Working Offline with the Grade Center (video)
  16. Color Code the Grade Center (video)
  17. Reading Survey Submissions (video)
  18. Sharing Grade Center with Students (pdf)
  19. Creating Assessments (pdf)
  20. Uploading Respondus Tests to MyGateway (pdf)
  21. The Online Testing Center (html)
  22. Dropping the Lowest Grade *tutorial created by Towson University* (pdf)
  23. Respondus Test Bank Network *Over 25 publishers participate in the Respondus Test Bank Network*
  24. Crocodoc (video)