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Faculty Help

Faculty Help

Below you'll find resources to support the use of MyGateway (Blackboard). The MyGateway system has many flexible features that enhance teaching and learning online, face to face or using a blended model. If you would like additional information about a specific topic listed below please contact the Faculty Resource Center by phone, 516-6704 or email, We provide individualized consultations and departmental workshops upon request. We look forward to helping you succeed with technology.

Personalize MyGateway

  1. Course-to-Course Navigation (html) 
  2. Getting Started in Bb 9.1 Service Pack 11 (pdf) *tutorial created by University of Northern Colorado*
  3. Creating a Tool Link (video)
  4. Change Course Entry Point (html)
  5. Copy Course (html)
  6. Export/Import Course (html)
  7. Make Your Course Available/Unavailable (html)
  8. Your Course Environment (video)
  9. Adding a Banner to your Course Entry point (video)
  10. Adding an Avitar to personalize Your Course Environment (video)
  11. Turning Tool Availability On and Off (video)
  12. Making Tools Available to Students (video)
  13. Permitting and Restricting Guest and Observer Access (video)

Content: Assignments, Files, Learning Units and more

  1. Uploading multiple files (pdf)
  2. Creating Learning Modules (pdf)
  3. Building a Learning Module (video)
  4. Adding Folders (pdf)
  5. Creating a Blank Page (video)
  6. Adding a URL (external link) (video)
  7. Getting Started with Assignments (pdf)
  8. Getting Started with Course Content (pdf)
  9. Using the Text Editor (video)
  10. Creating a Lesson Plan (video)
  11. Adding Textbook Information to Your Course (video)
  12. Creating a Mashup (video)
  13. Attaching Course Files to a Content Item (video)
  14. Tour the Course Files Feature (video)
  15. Adding Your Own Web Content Through Course Files (video)
  16. Creating multiple Rules to Release a Content Item (video)

Tools: Announcements, Email, Wikis, Discussion and more

  1. Creating Announcements (html), Creating Announcements (MS Word docx)
  2. Course Reports (video) 
  3. Sending Notifications (video)
  4. Adding Contact Information (html)
  5. Viewing your course roster (pdf)
  6. Sending Email (html)
  7. Using the Discussion Board (pdf)
  8. Grading a Discussion Board Forum (video)
  9. Grading a Discussion Board Thread (pdf)
  10. Creating a Private Journal (PPTX file)
  11. Using Wikis (pdf) (plus Using Wikis in Bb 9.1 (pdf) - tutorial created by Xavier University)
  12. Wimba Classroom / Collaborate (html)
  13. Getting Started With Groups (pdf)
  14. Creating a Group (video)
  15. Creating Group Sets (video)

Assessments and GradeCenter: Creating Exams, Using GradeCenter and more

Additional Resources

Using MyGateway: Issues, Frequently Asked Questions and Important Tips (html)

Getting Started with MyGateway (pdf) This document will assist users who are Getting Started with using the features of MyGateway.

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