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What is Blackboard IM?


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Blackboard IM takes online communication to a whole new level:

With Blackboard Collaborate instant messaging service (formerly Wimba Pronto) instructors can create a learning environment which supports online office hours, meetings, enhances engagement with students and more....

Features include:

  • Works with MyGateway to automatically populate students' contact lists from their courses
  • Allows students, instrutors and classmates to spontaneously meet live online anytime
  • Provides a robust collaborative environment for students and instructors to interact
  • Allows for convenient real-time communication with your instructor and classmates

Additional collaborative features:

  • Blended Audio and Video
  • State-of-the-art Whiteboard
  • Group Instant Messaing (IM)
  • Real-time collaboration and active group participation
  • Builds a community of social netorking within a course by encouraging student-to-student interaction
  • Personalized user profiles

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For more information, to schedule departmental workshops or for individualized consultatoin relating to the use of Blackboard IM please contact the Faculty Resource Center by phone, 314-516-6704, email or visit ESH room 105.

Blackboard IM Users Guide (html)

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Download Blackboard IM

You will need access to an internet browser (e.g Internet Explorer, Firefox)

  1. Type in
  2. Enter your SSO ID and password
  3. Once you're logged in you will see a list of your courses and several modules
  4. The Blackboard IM module is among the list of modules on the Home Page
  5. Click the link that reads "Get Blackboard IM"
  6. Be sure all courses are selected (boxes should be checked)
  7. Select the option to download Blackboard IM
  8. Save the file to your local drive (e.g. desktop)
  9. Filename is: BlackboardIMSetup.exe
  10. Double click on the file to Run
  11. Follow installation instructions

If you need assistance with downloading Blackboard IM please contact the FRC, 314-516-6704

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