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Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time classroom that supports voice, video, white-boarding, content display with archive capabilities and application sharing. Collaborate is a flexible tool with features that allow faculty and students to build relationships. Instructors could use Collaborate to conduct "virtual" office hours or group discussions in different break-out rooms. Lecture and presentation content can include Powerpoint, PDF as well as various graphic formats. Collaborate presentations can also be saved (archived) for later use/review. This tool is fully functional on both the Mac and PC and is integrated directly in MyGateway.

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Essentials for Participants (html)
Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Participant's Guide (html)
Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Participant Orientation (video)
Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Overview for Moderators (video)
Introduction to the Whiteboard (video)
Introduction to Application Sharing (video)
Web Conferencing Overview for Moderators (video)
Introduction to Application Sharing (video)
Introduction to Web Tour (video)
Moderator-Quick-Reference-Guide (PDF)
Web_Conferencing_Participant's_Guide (PDF)
Web_Conferencing_Moderator's_Guide (PDF)
Web_Conferencing_Essentials_for_Participants (PDF)
Web_Conferencing_Accessibility_Guide_for_Participants (PDF)
Participant_QRG (PDF)
Web_Conferencing_Essentials_for_Moderators (PDF)

Moderator Tools
Audio_Setup_Wizard_QRG (PDF)
Audio_Video_QRG (PDF)
Chat_QRG (PDF)
Getting_Started_Recordings_QRG (PDF)
Loading_PowerPoint_QRG (PDF)
Participant_Panel_QRG (PDF)
Polling_QRG (PDF)
Telephony_QRG (PDF)
Using_Application_Sharing_QRG (PDF)
Using_Web_Tour_QRG (PDF)
Using_Whiteboard_QRG (PDF)

Wimba Voice Tools

Wimba Voice Tools include: voice board, voice authoring, voice email, voice presentation and voice podcaster. These tools are also integrated into the MyGateway course management system and can be used to increase engagement between students and faculty by promoting vocal collaboration and enhancement of group discussions.

Wimba Voice Board

Wimba Voice Recorder



Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support - In the event of a service disruption, Blackboard Collaborate technical support will post an update to the banner of the support portal.   An announcement will also be posted on a new status page located on the support portal.  Users will be able to click the Status tab on the support portal for additional updates for all hosted products.  

If you have any questions regarding the use of Blackboard Collaborate or Wimba Voice Tools, please contact the Faculty Resource Center by phone, 314-516-6704, email, or stop by room 105 ESH. They will provide support and assist you with using these features. Additional helpful resources are listed below:

Wimba has 24/7 assistance available for Voice Tools:
phone: (866) 350-4978

Bb Collaborate Support - provides self-help resources including a Knowledge Base that contains answers to frequently asked questions.

Submit a ticket to Bb Collaborate - To submit a ticket, initiate a live chat, or speak to a phone representative.