Online Testing Center


The Online Testing Center is now operated by

The Campus Testing Center

Location: 93 JC Penny • Voice: 314.516.6396  • Email:

Michael Cunningham
Campus Testing Coordinator
93 JC Penny


Linda Watson
Testing Assistant
93 JC Penny

The Online Testing Center is available for proctored exams using MyGateway (or other online assessment programs).

Spring 2014 OTC Schedule

To schedule a test taking appointment, use the OTC Online Appointment Scheduling System: (A link to this website will be available to in MyGateway). You can logon to this system using your SSO ID and password. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment, and a notice will be entered into your MyGateway calendar. A short video on the steps to setup an appointment with either Online Testing Center is available here.

The OTC has space for 26 concurrent students and is located in room 94 (formerly 75) J.C. Penny Building Conference Center (Building 2 on the North Campus Map)
Students must arrange appointments for test taking in advance.

If you have difficulty using the Online Appointment Scheduling System, you can contact the OTC by email Be sure to provide the necessary information: Gateway ID, name, class, class number, test number, date, and time. Please review the OTC schedule to insure you request appointments during opening hours (when you use the online system for making an appointment you will only be able to schedule an exam during opening hours). Also, insure you schedule appoinments to allow sufficient time to complete your exams (the online system automatically schedules you for the time limit set for the exam by your instructor). Students will not be allowed to finish tests past the closing time of the OTC.

Books, papers, cell phones, and pagers are not allowed in the testing room. Students should leave these items at home or check them with the proctor prior to taking a test. Please do not bring children to the OTC. Children are not allowed in the testing room, and cannot stay unattended at the center.

Students are responsible for knowing where to access exams in their MyGateway class sites or from any other assessment program their instructors use.

Walk-in appointments will be allowed only as space and time allows.


OTC Hours for Spring 2014


January 21 - February 15, 2014

February 16 - May 3, 2014

May 4 - May 17, 2014


For more information on using the OTC, please contact 516-4600