To Add an Announcement:

  • Under the Control Panel, expand the options for Course Tools and choose
    the Announcements link.

select announcements screenshot

You may also click on the Announcements course menu button, but Edit Mode must be ON in order to add announcements in this view.

  • On the next screen, click the Create Announcement button.

create announcement button screenshot

  • Give your announcement a Subject and type the information you wish to communicate in the text box under Message.

add subject and message screenshot

  • Under the Web Announcement Options click the Not Date Restricted radio button if you want your announcement to stay on the page permanently, or, leave it unchecked to appear for the default number of days. You must select the "Date Restricted" option before selecting Display After/Until dates. You can select the override user notification checkbox to send users an Announcement notification via email.


  • The Course Link feature allows you to link the Announcement to an area within the course such as an Assignment. For example, you can create an announcement for students to inform them about an upcoming assignment and link to the assignment using this feature.

select course link screenshot

  • Click Submit."

submit button icon