It is possible to directly copy course content, along with Grade Center settings, from one course to another. Many instructors teach multiple sections of the same course or teach the same course from semester to semester. In those cases, the ability to recycle course material is extremely valuable. The information below will help you to copy content from one course to another.

Copying a Course

  • Navigate to the course you want to copy from in MyGateway.

my courses screenshot

  • In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities.

course management screenshot

  • Click Course Copy.

course copy selection screenshot

  • Select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course from the drop-down list.

select copy type screenshot

  • Click Browse to find the course you want to copy into. A pop-up window will open showing the list of courses you have access to.

select copy options screenshot

  • Find the course you want to copy the material into, select the radio button next to that course and click Submit.

list of courses screenshot

  • Check the boxes of the content areas and tools you wish to copy into the new course.
select copy options screenshot

  • Click Submit. You will receive an email message from your MyGateway course indicating if the course Copy has been completed successfully or not. Once you receive this message, you should login to the new course and verify that the content and settings have been copied correctly. You can now modify your new course content just as you would any other MyGateway course.
You will need to repeat the process of copying a course for each course you want to copy content into. MyGateway does not have a way for instructors to copy content from one course into multiple courses simultaneously.