MyGateway has the ability to allow instructors to change the "course entry point." For instance, instructors can set up MyGateway so that students always go to the Course Documents page when they enter the instructor's course. Announcements is the default course entry page.

  • Navigate to the course in MyGateway you want to modify.
  • In the Control Panel, click Customization.

course management select customization screenshot

  • Click Style.

course management menu select style screenshot

  • Under section 4 of the Style customization page, select your preferred course Entry Point from the drop-down list. Content sections that are NOT available to users will not be listed here. The options will vary depending on what content areas you have established for your course. Typical content areas for course entry point include Announcements or Assignments.

select course entry point screenshot


  • Click Submit when finished.

The next time your students login to your course, they will see the content area you have selected.