1. Open Google Chrome (preferred or another modern browser) and enter for the URL.

  2. Next Login with your SSO and Password.

  3. When you visit the Canvas URL you are taken out to a University of Missouri Shibboleth page to authenticate.
    Simply enter in your SSO id. Then type in your password and click the Login button.

  4. Upon authentication, you will be taken to the dashboard. The dashboard is the default landing page which displays course cards for courses in which you are enrolled.

  5. Click on the course card of the course that you need to work on.

  6. Class announcements are posted under the Announcements link located on the course navigation menu on the left.

  7. The course navigation menu presents different that may include Assignments, Discussions, Syllabus, etc.

  8. Use the menu to navigate the course starting with the class syllabus and then moving to assignments, modules, etc.

Good luck!