Instructional Support Services (ISS) is a division of Information Technology Services whose primary purpose is to provide support for the technology in the classrooms and labs to the campus community. ISS provides the following support:

  • Helping students with the software in the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Train faculty and staff members on how to use the technology in the classrooms.
  • Conduct individualized training sessions on how to use various software packages used on campus, including the Microsoft Office suite, Photoshop, and Google Apps.
  • Installing software on the computers in the labs and classrooms at the request of faculty members for academic use.
  • Wireless presentation devices.
  • iPads.
  • Addressing technical issues in the labs and classrooms.
  • Assisting faculty members with technical issues that appear during their classes.

ISS manages the technology in over 130 classrooms on campus. For more information about the types of classrooms and the available technology in each classroom, please click here. Additionally, ISS manages 14 open student computing labs, eleven of which are staffed to assist students with questions. For the locations of the various labs on campus and the technology in each lab, please click here. A list of all software that's installed in the labs and classrooms can be viewed here.