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Printing Frequently Asked Questions

What is this PaperCut print quota software and why did Instructional Support implement it?
PaperCut is a print quota software package that runs on Instructional Support (ISS) network print servers.  It reports, monitors and controls network printing for the labs and classrooms.  The print quota idea was originally brought to our attention as an issue with students wasting paper, toner and printing resources.  Currently we are set up just to monitor student printing activities.  This print monitor system will help facilitate campus printing resources and ensure proper use of campus printing.

Did you know: Most colleges and universities such as University of Missouri – KC, University of Missouri – Columbia and Missouri University of Science and Technology already have similar systems in place?

Where are the Instructional Support Printing Policies located?
Printing Policies available online at: http://www.umsl.edu/technology/instructionalcomputing/printing/policies.html

What is my print quota?
Currently for the Fall 2012 semester it is set at 1000 pages per semester.  Instructional Support will review printing statistics and feedback during each semester and adjust the quota accordingly to accommodate academic printing needs. 

Will I be charged for going over my print quota? 
No.  Currently Papercut is only being used to monitor print queues, and provide students with information regarding their printing.  People that abuse this printing privilege may be contacted and made aware of their activity.

How can I check my quota balance? 
To check your current balance, click on the PaperCut client window and click on the detail link.

Does my quota rollover to the next semester if I don’t use it all?
No, remaining quotas at the end of each semester will be zeroed out and you’ll start the next semester with a new quota in place.

What happens if my quota becomes zero?  
Users will be asked to contact ic@umsl.edu. A few questions will be asked to help better understand their academic printing needs.

Can I share quota with other students?  
No. Transfers of unused quotas are not allowed.

Is Instructional Support tracking what I print or just how much I print?
Papercut is monitoring the print queues, and tracks how many pages are being printed with the date of print, and type of file, but not exactly what is being printed.

I accidently printed more than 21 pages is there a problem?
The Papercut software does not allow printing more than 20 pages at a time. A message will popup telling you that the printing was denied. After cancellation the 21 pages will not be counted towards your quota. You are then able to print your file in smaller increments.

Are all Instructional Support lab and classroom print jobs tracked by Papercut or is it just programs like Word and Powerpoint?
Yes all print jobs are tracked by Papercut whether it is being printed from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe PDF, web pages etc.

Why do we have Papercut?
Papercut is being used to provide feedback to students on what they print, and to help Instructional Support better understand the academic printing needs of students.

The toner was out when I printed, but will this print job be counted towards my quota?
Once you click on print the number of pages will be counted towards your account. If the printer has run out of toner after you clicked on print then your same print will be processed after the toner is replaced. So you don’t need to print it again just wait till the lab consultant replaces the toner.

How do I get my color print jobs printed?
You can print color from any computer in the labs with a color printer, but you need permission from the lab consultant. Once you print a color print, go and meet the lab consultant. The lab consultant will speak to you about the file your trying to print before releasing the job to the color printer.

My teacher asks me to print a lot of pages out for class.  Will those still count against me?
All pages printed from Instructional Support systems will go towards your print quota.

Will my remaining balance be carried over from semester to semester?
No the remaining balance will not be carried over to the next semester. Each semester has its new quota.

Do different majors or years get more pages for their balances?
No all students begin with the same quota balance at the beginning of the semester.

Do color print jobs cost me more pages than printing in black & white?
There is no cost for printing in color or in black & white. The amount of pages printed will be deducted out of your quota and it is same for both color and black & white.

What does “Cancelled at the release station” mean?
It means that the lab consultant would not allow your color print job to print for a variety of reasons, maybe it does not need to be in color, maybe you did not visit the lab consultant within 30 minutes, etc. Speak to the consultant on duty for assistance.