Instructional Computing has various types of classrooms and labs on campus. Click on the room-type links below to view a list of the rooms and room features.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs)
TECs have individual networked computer stations for all students, an instructor station, a VCR and a ceiling-mounted data projector.

Learning Studios (TECs)
Learning Studios are innovative classrooms designed to help meet various pedagogical needs. The rooms feature flexible technology and room arrangements to include wireless student laptops, Instructor station with Dual monitors and SMART software, multiple instructional points, multiple LCD projectors, advanced lighting and projector control systems, movable furniture, printer, digital document cameras, and advanced audio and visual systems.

Stick rooms
Stick rooms have one networked computer station, a VCR and a ceiling-mounted data projector.

Computer Labs
There are thirteen Instructional Computing Labs available to UM-St. Louis students, faculty and staff. Seven of these labs are staffed with specifically trained lab consultants that are here to help with most computer related issues and questions

Interactive two-way video classrooms
Interactive two-way video (ITV) classrooms are classrooms equipped to transmit and receive audio and video to and from a variety of sources. ITV classrooms are available for instructional use and video conferencing.