Instructors can use the Classroom Performance System (CPS) in the classroom to inspire and engage students. The Classroom Performance System (CPS) is an easy-to-use RF response system ("clickers") that obtains immediate feedback from every student.

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Streaming video from the UMSL demonstration on November 7, 2005

Where can I use this on campus?

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How you can use CPS in YOUR classroom:

More information on eInstruction is available at: or Interactive Educational Technologies

Pricing for the eInstruction CPSrf system:

Cost to Student

- Clickers $25.35 from UMSL Bookstore
- Activation $10 from
-Activation from UMSL Bookstore $13.35

The activation fee will cover all classes the student would be enrolled in during the course of one semester.
A life time activation fee is available for $35, or $39 cap if the student spends $10 for activation for a few semesters.

There is no cost to individual instructors.

Instructors interested in using this technology for their courses should contact:
Lyle Britt

eInstruction will provide the instructor with 1 clicker, 1 CPS receiver, and the CPS software for either PC or MAC, and the ISBN codes to provide the UMSL Bookstore.

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Where can I use this on campus?

Instructional Computing has the eInstruction CPS software installed on all Windows Instructor stations on campus.
Permanently placed CPSrf receivers are installed in the following Technology Enhanced Auditoriums on campus, which are Lucas 100, Lucas 200, Stadler 104, and Benton 102.

Instructors can plug in the USB receiver provided by eInstruction into any USB port on the Instructor station in order to use the technology in all other Instructional Computing Classrooms.

Contact Christopher Boyce 516-6882 with questions regarding using CPSrf in the Instructional Computing Classrooms.