IC Labs - Policies

Supported Software

General Policies
What follows is a list of our policies for lab use. You should also read the acceptable use policy adopted by the University April 2001.

The Student Computing Labs are available to faculty, staff and students of UMSL only. You maybe asked to present a VALID UMSL ID to gain entrance. UMSL Alumnae can use the labs, but only if they have a current, valid alumnae card, and SSO ID.

Always apply normal standards of academic ethics and polite conduct to your use of computing facilities.

Drinks, food, tobacco, or containers are not allowed in the computing labs.

Please report any software or hardware problems to the user consultant. Your assistance helps keep all labs in good operation.

We expect all users to abide by our printing policies.

The labs are intended for educational purposes. Use of equipment for a private enterprise is strictly prohibited. Limit personal computing activities as not to interfere with other users wanting to use the facilities for scholastic purposes.

All software available in the computing labs is protected by federal copyright law. Copying of proprietary and licensed software is prohibited. Do not copy software from lab computers. Violation of copyright law or licensing agreements may result in University disciplinary action and/or legal action.

Do not install software on lab computers. Installing non-licensed software on lab computers would place UMSL in violation of copyright law.

The lab telephone is for lab staff and emergency use only. Pay phones are available near most of our locations.

Children are not allowed into the Instructional Computing Labs unsupervised. All Children must be in the company of an adult. Parents with children that are disrupting other users, or restricting access to Instructional Computing resources will be asked to leave the lab.

ID Policy
You must have your student ID to use any of the open computing labs, as you maybe asked to present your ID at anytime. This ID is issued to all new students and if lost, can be replaced for a fee, by The Center for Student Success in the MSC.

Headphones and reference books are available for use in some labs. A valid UMSL ID or current photo ID will be held by IC staff during your use of this equipment.

Supported Software
Most of the labs are staffed with Student Consultants who are familiar with the lab's hardware, software and basic computing concepts. You can expect help from them when using the following supported applications and attempting the procedures listed below. Remember, the Consultants are there to help you, however, they will not do your homework nor will they assist you with any programming languages. Homework problems and programming problems should be addressed to your professor, or class tutor if available.

Supported applications, platforms and procedures:

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word* - not including macros
Microsoft Excel* - not including macros or advanced features
Microsoft Powerpoint*

FTP Clients
Transmit 2(Mac)

Mozilla Firefox (Windows)
Internet Explorer (Windows)
Safari (Mac)
Mozilla (Mac)
Telnet (QVT, etc.)

Studentmail (studentmail.umsl.edu)

Operating Systems
Windows file management and program locations
UNIX basic file management and utilities
Macintosh file management and program locations

Using the Scanners
File Management: opening, saving, copying, deleting and formatting, including CD writing & Network File Storage
Locating all Lab and Class software

*all versions available across all platforms

At no time will a Student Consultant support the following:

Certain departments provide tutors for students who need extensive help for selected software and programming languages. Please check the SSB 103 Lab (x6061) for their hours. Additionally, please check our short course listing for training on the above applications and procedures.