Info For New Students

Welcome to our campus. There is a lot of information available for you regarding technology on and off campus. We hope this page helps you locate at least some of the answers you are searching for. A few locations on campus to visit for more information and important phone numbers to remember:

Technology Support Center (Lucas Hall 211, 516-6034,

Social Sciences and Business Building, (SSB 103, Main Computer Lab, 516-6061,

More information for students regarding technology available to them is located in the
Online Student Technology Guide

What is an SSO ID?

It is a unique ID given to all new students enrolled after January 2000. Your SSO ID is NOT your student number. The SSO ID is used to access most of the campus computing resources. Your SSO ID and password are used for logging into the MyGateway system, MyView, accessing your email, and logging into the computers on campus. If you do not know your SSO go to: Get your SSO ID.

Once you have your SSO ID and create a password, you can send and receive email (through the Student Email link within the Campus Email Module on MyGateway) log into Instructional Support Lab & Classroom computers, and access your course material on the web via MyGateway.

Your email address will be:, where "ssoid" is your Single Sign On ID.


MyGateway is the online course management system here at the University. You may login using your SSO ID and password to access a variety of course information, organizations, and links to other services at the University. Many instructors use the system to distribute online course materials. The system is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and a version 4.0 browser or higher.


Studentmail is designed for the distribution of UMSL official email.

All students currently registered for on-campus classes have a Studentmail account.

  1. Student Email accounts will be active on the day they are admitted.
  2. Your username for Studentmail is your SSO ID.
  3. Your password for Studentmail is your default SSO ID password.

The easiest way to check your Studentmail account is to go to from virtually any computer with Web access. Once you are logged into MyGateway, look for the section or MODULE labeled Campus Email in the left corner. Click on the Student Email link. A new window will open for Microsofts Outlook Web App page displaying your email. An alternative path to check your email is to sign on directly to All of the University of Missouri campuses have teamed up with Microsoft to provide students with a better e-mail solution. Students will receive a Windows Live account, which includes e-mail, online file storage, and other services. A Windows Live ID (, where username is the same as your UMSL SSOID) will be used to log on to all Windows Live services. The email service is called Outlook Live.

For additional help with our email system:

Network File Storage

Each student has a Network File Storage account with 500MB of space that will be mapped for you when you log into any Instructional Computing Lab & Classroom Windows Station. You can access your Network file storage space by clicking on MyComputer on the desktop of any lab or classroom Windows station. From within MyComputer it will be the drive labeled with your SSO ID (for example ABC12 (\\\students\A) (K:))

(On the Macintosh systems UMSL SAMBA is locked in the dock on the bottom of the desktop.)

Once you double click on your K-Drive you can open Word documents and other files, directly from your Network File Storage account. By using your Network File Storage space, you can stop carrying storage media around! If you connect to UMSL from off campus, then you can access these files from home using a Secure FTP client. You can visit: for the more information on a Secure FTP client you can use from off campus. When using FTP you are transferring files to your local computer so you will need to transfer them back to your K-drive, (for future use) once you are done working on them. Say goodbye to questionable and unreliable disks and use your Network File Storage space, to store your documents, files, etc. on the server. You can then access them from any machine on campus, as well as from home when youre connected to the internet. A USB Thumb drive is another easy way to save your files and transport them from various locations.

PaperCut NG

PaperCut is a print quota software package that runs on UMSLs network print servers. It reports, monitors and controls network printing for UMSL. The print quota idea was originally brought to our attention as an issue with students wasting paper, toner and printing resources. Currently we are set up just to monitor student printing activities. This print monitor system will help facilitate campus printing resources and ensure proper use of campus printing. Currently the quota is set at 1000 pages per semester. ITS will review feedback during each semester and adjust the quota accordingly to accommodate academic printing needs.You can still print in color from any computer in SSB 103, Thomas Jefferson Library, Ward E. Barnes library or the T.L.C. computer labs but you need permission from the lab consultant. Once you print a color print, go and meet the lab consultant. The lab consultant will see what document you are printing before authorizing you for the print.

Computer Specifications

Blackboard (MyGateway) runs independent of the operating system. It relies on the internet browser and the plugins recommended below. Any computer with an up-to-date operating system, Windows, Mac or Linux, as long as the internet browser is up-to-date, will suffice for using MyGateway.
Note: Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for MyGateway to work correctly.

Internet Browser and plug-ins

Once connected, you will need a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Faculty here at the university post material in various formats, so its likely youll need to get some browser plug-ins. Click here for a list of recommended plug-ins for use with MyGateway.