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Call for Proposals
for Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning

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Here’s an opportunity for you!

Information Technology Services has operated the Faculty Resource Center for many years, and the group has helped many faculty incorporate technology into their teaching. The FRC also began offering individual help last year to faculty in their own offices. ITS cooperated with Continuing Education & Outreach on their Summer Institute this summer for faculty who want to teach for them online. Other faculty may need a different kind of help.

ITS began the Innovation Grant program in Fall 2005, to assist any faculty member who wishes to use technology in their teaching or to help their students learn. The program has been very successful, with many good projects in the past three years. We will see the results of the 2009 funded projects in this year’s Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference on November 11 and 12, 2010.

This is another opportunity! Possible topics include:

  • use course material effectively on MyGateway
  • incorporate a new technology
  • develop interactive simulation models to illustrate difficult topics
  • use technologies that increase student collaboration such as “social networking”
  • use technology for a more flexible approach to student learning
  • outreach
  • make new connections to learning (blogs, podcasts, web-based
  • audio tools, etc.)

Examples of how the grants may be used include:

  • buy out teaching time for a course
  • hire student assistant(s) to help in development
  • fund small equipment purchases

Funding ranges from $1,000 to $4,000

The mandatory elements of the proposal are:

  1. a defined outcome – a new approach to a course, development of new course material, a new simulation model, etc.
  2. description of the expected impact on student learning
  3. a defined timeline – the work would typically be done in a semester
  4. a budget
  5. a presentation at the annual Fall Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference

Proposals missing any mandatory element will not be reviewed.

Proposals will be evaluated by a small committee.
Criteria will include:

  • innovation
  • clarity and persuasiveness of the proposal
  • anticipated work products and expectation of improved learning
  • ability to deliver
  • feasibility


Deadline for proposals: December 10, 2010
Notification of Decision: December 22, 2010
Target start of work: January 1, 2011 (may be flexible if it’s a course buyout)

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