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Google MyDrive

UMSL Google Drive (MyDrive) Cloud Storage

Welcome to MyDrive

Printable Directions - Google MyDrive First Access UMSL Account

Log into your newly provisioned production account at Enter your SSOID followed by and current password used to access your network account. If you received an error on password entry you will need to sync your Google Account password as described below.

1. Open Chrome or a supported browser and type the following into the url field:
Your MyDrive account has been configured to utilize your SSO username credential. Enter your SSO followed by (Example A)

Example A Note: Email and SSO accounts don’t always match so be certain you enter your SSO followed by

Enter your email address in the format:

2a. Type the password for your SSO account.  If you receive an error indicating your passwords don’t match, continue with step 2b.  If you are able to login, go to step 3.

Type in Password

2b. If you received the error in the screen shot below, and you are sure you entered your and password correctly, then you will be required to change your password in order to sync it with your Google account. Use the ‘Change Password’ tool found here:

Change Password Tool  

2c. Select the Change Your Password Option as indicated in the image below. Follow the instructions provided to verify your new password meets the required criteria.

SSO Page - Change Your Password

2d. Once your password change is complete, try your Google Account login again at Confirm the account you’re signing into is your account or by selecting it.

Confirm AccountSSO ID

3. Read and Accept the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

Google Terms of Service

4. Follow the tutorial information presented in the initial setup. Note: The first content slide indicates the availability of 15 Gigabytes of storage space. Google Apps has changed this offering to be unlimited. Complete the tour to access your MyDrive space.


5. After completing the informational tour you can customize your experience by utilizing the settings feature (small cog icon on the far right under your account name). Additionally you can use the Chrome app launcher icon to launch additional integrated applications like Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. You can click on More in the Apps window to add additional apps to your options.

App Launcher and SettingsGoogle Apps

Once authentication completes you may receive a confirmation email indicating your sign in from a new device. 

Google New Sign In

This email confirmation is informational and is provided to confirm your account access. 

Google Confirmation