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Google MyDrive Migration

Google MyDrive Migration

1. When attempting to authenticate to your enterprise cloud storage account (MyDrive) you may incur a popup notification indicating two accounts that are utilizing the same account name. (Personal account vs. Organizational account)  You will need to migrate data if an existing personal Google account uses your UMSL credentials for your username or domain address.

Popup Notification

2. Migrating your data to a personal account requires responding to a recovery email request activated by selecting ‘Continue’ in the screen shot above.

3. After selecting ‘Continue’ you will see a confirmation popup indicating which email account was sent the recovery link and instructions for proceeding.

Email Account

4. Open the recovery email and select the recovery link. The link will open a new tab/window in your default browser indicating an update to your account is required. Review the options and FAQ’s to determine the method that best suits your migration or retention needs. If you are not certain how to migrate your existing data, UMSL recommends moving your current data to a new personal account. You can chose which data is personal vs. work related and migrate accordingly after both accounts are created. Select ‘Get started’ to proceed. Note: Google places your account into a ‘temporary’ status until you migrate data between conflicting accounts.

Update Required

Step: Review your accounts:

5. Begin by comparing your accounts to determine your options for migration. Google provides three helpful links; More about conflicting accounts, Video: How conflicting accounts occur and Frequently asked questions.

Update FAQ

Step: Select product data to move

6. Compare data in your personal account and determine what data you want migrated to your organizational account if applicable.

7. Review the options to compare accounts by selecting the plus icon/link labeled Compare your accounts:

Compare Your Accounts

Review option 1 and select the ‘Move data to your organization’s account >>’ link if you prefer to manage all data in the UMSL provided organizational account. Or, select the ‘Next >>’ button if you wish to use option 2 to manage the data under a new ‘Personal’ Google Account.

8. Review the pre-migration options by expanding on the Google Products used and noting other limitations in the bulleted list:

Moving Data Between Google Accounts

9. Select the checkboxes at the bottom indicating you understand the changes governing UMSL’s terms and conditions of migrated data. Select ‘I accept. Move this data.’  

Moving Data Between Google Accounts

10. This completes the migration process. Access your personal account and verify data remains or access your Organizational account to confirm data was migrated as intended.