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Student K Drive Migration

How to Move Your K Drive Files to Google Drive

UMSL Google Drive
Migrating Files from K: Drive to Your Google Account

  1. Click on the UMSL Google Drive icon found on the desktop.

  2. Your login will be your and the password will be your sso password.

  3. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

  4. Open your K: drive and select the files you wish to move to your Google Drive.

  5. Simply drag the selected files over into you Google Drive account.

  6. After verifying that all of your files have transferred successfully, delete the files from your K: drive.

Please remember that the K:Drive will go read only on September 16th and will be inaccessible after October 13th.  Please see a Lab Staff for any assistance.

For additional help in using Google Drive features, please visit:

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