Today's technology makes it possible to teach in new ways, tweak instructional methods and develop improved learning modules that enhance learning outcomes. Your colleagues at the UMSL have demonstrated educational techniques that utilize these new technologies in exciting and creative ways. The purpose of this web site is to share these various techniques with you. After learning what other instructors are doing you may see ways to apply similar techniques to your own teaching and learning activities.

If you would like to share your own teaching-with-technology ideas, or, if you have an idea and would like help in developing it, please contact the Faculty Resource Center by email, or phone, 314-516-6704.

Look at how your colleagues are using technology to facilitate student learning:

Learning Activities Integrated into MyGateway
These faculty members are using MyGateway to facilitate student learning. Several faculty listed received the 2006 MyGateway Recognition award for their teaching strategies using MyGateway. Select the "Learning Activities" link above then select a name to find out more.

Teaching with Technology Exhibits
These faculty members share how their use of technology engages student learning. Select the "Teaching with Technology" link above then select a name to find out more.

Learning Activities Integrated into MyGateway

Dr. Mary Lacity
Rocky Keel
Dr. John Henschke
Rhonda Tenkku
Dr. Kent Farnsworth
Donna Taliaferro and Chris Tobnick
Dr. Ann Steffen
Susan Yoder-Kreger
Donna Wadsworth-Brown


Dr. Mary Lacity, Professor of Information Systems
College of Business Administration

Dr. Lacity uses Wimba to pre-record foundational lectures. Students enjoy the flexibility of listening to lectures at their own leisure. Students then complete assignments that require them to apply foundational material to analyze cases, investigate companies, interpret videos, and synthesize material in the form of business essays. Dr. Lacity believes the future of education will incorporate the best lectures from the top scholars in the field-such as learning physics from Stephen Hawking, strategy from Michael Porter, and composition from Philip Glass.


Rocky Keel, Senior Lecturer

Rocky uses wikis in his courses to facilitate student learning.
Wiki- a piece of server software that allows
users to freely create and edit Web page content
using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks
and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages
and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly.

Listen to Rocky describe his use of a course wiki:
(Windows Media Player required)

View the text version below:
Creating a wiki (PDF)

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Dr. John Henschke, Professor
College of Education

Dr. Henschke gives an overview of what he calls "The Living Lecture" and discusses how he adapted face-to-face instruction to the online learning environment.

Listen to Dr. Henschke describe the concept of The Living Lecture:
(Windows Media Player required)

View an example of Dr. Henschke's face-to-face lecture demonstration:
(Windows Media Player required)
(Mac users- if you're having difficulty viewing the demo please and download WMV v2.02)

View the text version below:
How to use the lecture as a learning/teaching technique (PDF doc)

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Rhonda Tenkku, Lecturer
College of Business

Rhonda schedules virtual office hours from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. the evening before each exam. That's when most students are studying and have last minute questions. Students love the informal "chat room" structure.
Listen to Rhonda describe how she uses virtual office hours: (Windows Media Player required)

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Dr. Kent Farnworth, President in Residence
for Community Colleges
College of Education

Reporting the best advice from 20-30 Community
College online faculty from his book, Handbook for Teaching Online for Community College Faculty, published by the American Association of Community Colleges.

Kent discusses the findings from a survey of Community College Faculty in regards to online teaching:
(Windows Media Player required)
(Mac users- if you're having difficulty viewing the demo please and download WMV v2.02)

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d t
Donna Taliaferro (L), Associate Professor
Chris Tobnick (R), Software Support Specialist
College of Nursing

Chris Tobnick and Dr. Taliaferro have worked together to develop
several of Dr. Taliaferro's nursing courses using the software Captivate.

Listen to Dr. Taliaferro describe her use of Captivate software for
online classes, for interactive and lively online presentations, and
to engage students more fully as learners in the class.
Captivate Demo

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Dr. Ann Steffen, Associate Professor
Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
and Director of Gerontology Programs

Demonstrating the online learning activity for advanced undergraduate and master's level stduents to learn about dementia assessments.

Listen to Dr. Steffen describe the online learning activity used for both advanced undergraduate and master's level students.

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Susan Yoder-Kreger, Lecturer
Foreign Languages and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences

Susan uses the Group Pages feature in MyGateway for both in class and out of class activities.

Listen to Susan discuss how her students use the Group Pages feature for
class communications:
(Windows Media Player required)

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Teaching with Technology Learning Exhibits

Donna Wadsworth-Brown, Lecturer

Donna uses a website to highlight students work.
Take a look at what her students are doing:

The desire to "go public" is inherent in all of us. We need to express ourselves and share that expression with others. This website celebrates the creative work of pre-service teachers in my Writing for Teachers 4880 class.

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