The Faculty Resource Center will provide:

  • Individual consultation related to technology use, including MyGateway and streaming
  • Onsite visits consisting of tutorials and consultations with departments and indivudals
  • Access to the UMSL network
  • Demonstration and recommendation of software tools to faculty and staff interested in developing personal websites
  • Workshops which focus on a variety of technology topics
  • Departmental technology workshops upon request
  • Scanning of text documents into electronic format (e.g., PDF)
  • Conversion of files and images into different formats for presentations, websites, etc.
  • Conversion of various media (DVD, CD, audio cassette and VHS tape) to digital files / burn digital files to DVD or CD (copyright restrictions may apply)
  • Access to internal computers, printers and scanners
  • Sign-out for SAS software
  • Sign-out for equipment based on availability (digital recorder devices, cameras, etc.)
  • Distribution of Windows software according to contract agreement
  • Other software available via our Software Distribution Page (login required)
  • Support to faculty, staff and doctoral students who wish to use assessment tools to collect data (e.g., course evaluations and student surveys, research)

Please contact the FRC if you have additional questions.