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Clickers are an interactive tool that can be used to promote student engagement during class. We are pleased to announce the availability of i>Clickers, the interactive response system that provides immediate feedback to instructors and students. Select
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Why iClickers?

Clicker-Blackboard Integration


i>Clickers can be included in class discussions, group activities and assignments.  i>Clickers can be used to:

How Do i>Clickers Work?
Using a handheld electronic device (clicker), students respond to questions posed by their instructor. The students’ answers are transmitted using infrared signals to a portable receiver which is mounted in the classroom. Each infrared signal is unique to that clicker and software is used to interpret individual responses. The responses are then stored and can be used in a variety of ways to promote student learning, reflection and class participation.

Benefits of i>Clickers include:

Get i>Clicker Into Your Classroom!
Any faculty wishing to use clickers should contact our i>Clicker representative, Steve Foster (steve.foster@macmillan.com), to receive your instructor kit.  The instructor kits will be shipped directly to those instructors wishing to use the system at no cost.  Included with the instructor kit is a portable receiver, a clicker, and a flash-drive containing the software needed to run the software.   Please allow 8-10 business days for delivery. 

For the students’ clickers, faculty should place clicker orders with the UMSL Bookstore, just as they currently place textbook orders for classes.  Students will then purchase i>Clicker clickers at the UMSL Bookstore. Interested in learning more? Please visit www.iclicker.com.  If you would like to check-out an iClicker kit to learn more about how this technology works, please contact the Faculty Resource Center at (314) 516-6704; email frc@umsl.edu.


iClicker Software Update

Make sure you have the latest version of iClicker for Windows or Mac (If you already have the latest version, or once you've successfully downloaded iClicker from the link above, select your Blackboard-iClicker integration file or Windows or Mac below.)

Clicker-Blackboard Integration

If you plan to grade your students' activity using i>grader (part of the i>clicker software) and download the results to Blackboard (MyGateway), you will need to have one of the two following files placed in the Resources folder under i>clicker. See instructions on how to complete the clicker-blackboard integration using the files below.

Windows users:

Macintosh users:



iClicker support website

YouTube tutorials