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Preparing For Your New System

An Information Technology Services (ITS) Technician will contact you to schedule an appointment for delivery and installation of your system.

Files that will be copied from your old system and transferred for use on your new system include:

Your Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks and/or Internet Explorer Favorites.

Appropriate Email files: If you use Outlook, your personal address book and archive files. (Outlook email messages and calendars are stored on the Exchange server, therefore do not need to be moved.)

When the installer sets up your new system, the only data files that will be backed up and transferred for use on your new system are those that you have stored in a folder named My Documents. Data stored in other folders will NOT be moved to your new system.

Windows systems: Data files should be stored under the folder named My Documents.

Apple systems: Macintosh users should organize their current data files to insure a smoother transition to a new computer. Placing files into one folder named My Documents is helpful.

For a list of supported browsers for PeopleSoft, please visit

To install applications other than the Standard Software Application, please tell the ITS Technician at the time of contact. Non-standard applications are installed at the standard hourly labor rate.

If your current system was acquired through the Desktop System Plan, it will be disconnected and returned to ITS immediately after installation.