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Online Testing Center

Online Testing Center

The Online Testing Center is available for proctored exams using MyGateway (or other online assessment programs).

Fall 2012 OTC Schedule

Setting up an Exam in MyGateway for use at the OTC

To reset an exam

OTC - Faculty Assessment Contact Information

Steps and Settings to Use for Making a Test Available in the Online Scheduling Software. (Adobe Acrobat is required to view file)

The South Campus OTC has closed for Fall 2012, and the North Campus OTC has space for 27 concurrent students. Students must arrange appointments for test taking in advance. Please inform your students to use the link: for scheduling their test taking appointments. A link to this website is available on the students' OTC help page (available from the student help area of MyGateway), and via MyGateway.

Setting up an Exam
Steps for setting up a test in MyGateway for use at the OTC:

  1. Once you've created the test and "deployed" it in a content area, click on the "Modify" button, and then select, "Modify Test Options" (this is the screen where you set a password). The first thing you need to do is click "yes" by, "Do you want to make the link visible?"
  2. Next, set any of the other options. The OTC system will use a 60 default time limit, but if necessary, you can set this to a longer time. Due to heavy use at the OTC, we ask that instructors keep the time limit to a minimum (the proctors won't kick students out). The time limit at the OTC is purely for reserving a computer. The time limit in MyGateway doesn't stop a student from completing an exam, but it does prohibit the final processing of a score. In any case, setting the time limit in MyGateway sets the reservation time at the OTC, too.
  3. Next, choose your display dates. These control when the link to the exam is visible to your students (even though you clicked yes on the "Do you want to make the link visible?" above). These dates also work with the OTC appointment system. Most importantly, set the time to 12:00 AM on the day you first want the test to be available for taking. When you have dates specified, and the "Do you want to make the link visible?" set to yes, a student can logon to the OTC appointment page, (also available on the "Student tab in MyGateway) at any time and schedule an appointment for the exam only during the period you have specified.
  4. Finally, assign a password. The new system will automatically list any test you make available in MyGateway-if you attach a password to the test, (the password will NOT be available to the students, of course). The password will be stored on a secure server that will enable the proctors to have access to the passwords without sending additional email messages to the OTC.

Once you've done all this, you can actually logon to the appointment system (using the link above) and double-check things by scheduling exams yourself (please remember to delete these appointments so as not to tie up computers).

IMPORTANT: The system will also read any "time limit" you place on an exam to insure that the scheduled appointment time will be sufficient for the exam (we add 15 minutes to any time period you set to provide an "extra" cushion for busy times). A default time of 60 minutes will be used if you do not specify a time limit. The time limits set through this page only impact the availability of computers in the OTC and DO NOT alter the time limit you set for taking an exam. Please try to set reasonable time limits for your exams.

At times exams may need to be reset as a result of an issue the test taker may have encountered during the course of the exam. Proctors do not have access to course sites, or the control panels of sites and therefore are unable to reset exams. To reset an exam
If you are planning on making use of the OTC for exams, please complete the Faculty Contact & Exam Instructions information page located here:
This site will allow you to set up your emergency and/or best contact information as well as list of any instructions the proctor needs to know when proctoring your exam. The information submitted here is only available for the OTC staff to see, and will not be shared with the students taking the exam.
The proctors will attempt to contact you via the information provided in the event one of your students has technical issues while taking the exam.

There is now one On-Line Testing Centers on campus. This OTC's location is room 94 (formerly 75) J.C. Penny Building Conference Center (Building 2 on the North Campus Map) OTC proctors can be reached via email at or by telephone at 516-4600 for JCP94.

If students have difficulty using the Online Appointment Scheduling System, they can contact the OTC by email They must be sure to provide the necessary information: Gateway ID, name, class, class number, test number, date, and time. If scheduiling an appointment by email, students should review the OTC schedule to insure they request appointments during opening hours (when students use the online system for making an appointment they will only be able to schedule an exam during opening hours). Also, if scheduling an appointment by email, students should insure they request a time that will allow sufficient time to complete the exams (the online system automatically schedules a time slot based on the time limit set for the exam by the instructor). Students will not be allowed to finish tests past the closing time of the OTC.

Books, papers, cell phones, and pagers are not allowed in the testing room. Students should leave these items at home or check them with the proctor prior to taking a test. Students should not bring children to the OTC. Children are not allowed in the testing room, and cannot stay unattended at the center.

Instructors may contact the OTC proctors to provide special instructions for exams, however the standard process is to create an exam in MyGateway and assign password protection to the exam when it is made available. Instructors send the password to the OTC proctors, who then insure that students are able to access the exam without compromising the password.

North Campus OTC Hours for Fall 2012


August 20 - September 10, 2012

September 10 - September 16, 2012

September 17 - December 2, 2012

December 3 - December 15, 2012


For more information on using the North Campus OTC, please contact 516-4600


To reset an exam for an individual student:

  1. Go to your course Control Panel
  2. Click on "Gradebook" in the "Assessment" area.
  3. Navigate to the score or "lock" icon in the appropriate cell of the
    spreadsheet for that student, and click it.
  4. On the screen that follows, click the "View" button.
  5. To reset the exam, click the "clear attempt" button.

MS Word Document help for restting an exam

For more information on using the OTC, please contact the Faculty Resource Center, or 516-6704.