The purpose of this policy is to establish the standards for e-mail storage and quota management.


University of Missouri–St. Louis Computer Users

Policy Statement

It is the policy of University of Missouri–St. Louis Information Technology Services to establish and monitor e- mail quotas for the purpose of e-mail system efficiency and cost minimization while meeting needs for email storage and planning for growth of storage required for the legitimate business needs of our users.

It is the responsibility of the data owner to work with Information Technology Services in complying with said policy.


All active faculty and staff of the University of Missouri-Saint Louis will receive a mailbox quota size of 15 GB during the initial creation of the email account.

The initial email quotas are set to send an informational warning message when a user's mailbox reaches 15.360 GB.

Users whose mailboxes are set to the default mailbox quota size of 15 GB will be unable to send email when the mailbox size reaches 15.361.

If the mailbox size reaches over 15.362 GB, the user will be unable to send or receive email.

Deleted email will be retained for fourteen (14) days and then permanently purged from the system.

When the user is notified that their mailbox has neared, met, or exceeded their quota, ITS encourages the user to perform mailbox management by deleting old un-needed mail, sent item, and empting you recycling bin. ITS encourages the user to work with the TSC initially on mailbox management, and if necessary the TSC will escalate the issue to a system administrator for further resolution.

Revision Date

September 2014

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